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Top 4 Haunted Houses Near North Hollywood

Haunted House

If you’re looking for a good scare, you might wonder “What’s the scariest haunted house in California?” We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 haunted houses near North Hollywood that are perfect for a night of fright. Whether you want something family-friendly or truly terrifying, there’s something for everyone this Halloween on our list!

1. Haunted Mansion

Disney’s Haunted Mansion just might be the most popular haunted house in California, and this iconic tourist attraction is the perfect place for a Halloween holiday. And for 2021, you can swing by the Haunted Mansion Holiday at the Disneyland Resort with decor inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

2. LA Ghosts

The LA Ghosts tour takes you through some of the most haunted sites in all of Tinsel Town. Not only will you learn all about the untold stories of Hollywood, but you’ll also enjoy a tour of the town – so it’s a great choice for out of towners in Sunnyvale and Watsonville. And though spooky, this tour is also family friendly for the little ones.

3. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Want to take ghost hunting into your own hands? Pack a bag in San Jose and head to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. It’s been said that the spirits of Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift, and other classic Hollywood figures haunt the halls at night. You can even hear the sounds of otherworldly trumpet music at night if you listen closely!

4. Dark Harvest

It might not be the scariest haunted house in California, but Dark Harvest just may be the scariest corn maze in the nation. The haunted maze is located a short drive away in Chino, and this interactive experience is sure to terrify and thrill you. From gory visuals to special effects, this 30-minute walkthrough will give you nightmares you’ll never forget.

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