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How to Disconnect and Install a Car Battery

Auto Mechanic Replacing Car Battery


Knowing how to disconnect and install a car battery is a great skill to have in case you’re ever stuck at home in San Jose with a car that has a dead battery. If you have no one around to jump-start you, or you can’t easily make it to the Victory Honda of Morgan Hill service center for a replacement, you can follow this guide and get on the road immediately. Contact us if you have any questions. 

The Right Way to Change a Car Battery

The service technicians at Victory Honda of Morgan Hill have changed thousands of car batteries. Here’s how to disconnect and install a car battery right in your driveway in Sunnyvale: 

Disconnect Your Old Battery

  • Put your car in park, make sure the ignition is off, and engage the parking brake.
  • Open the hood, and find your car battery. Your owner’s manual can help for your specific make and model. 
  • Find the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals and cables. Starting with the negative terminal, remove its cable. Then, remove the positive cable. Never let your wrench touch both terminals at once. 
  • There may be a compartment holding the battery, or a bar that keeps the battery in place. Whichever it is, remove that too. 
  • Now the battery will be free. Grab it by the handle, or use both hands and grab it from underneath. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. You must take old car batteries to an appropriate location to be recycled. 

Attach Your New Battery

  • Scrub the cable connectors with a wire brush to remove any corrosion. 
  • Insert the new battery into the appropriate location. 
  • Replace the compartment or bar that holds the battery in place. Be sure it can’t move!
  • Reconnect the positive (+) cable. 
  • Then, reconnect the negative (-) cable. Be sure to do this in the right order to prevent a short circuit. 
  • Try to run the engine and see if the new battery works.

The Victory Honda of Morgan Hill Service Center Has Your Back!

If you’ve replaced your battery but your car still won’t start, schedule service with us in Morgan Hill, so that we can diagnose the problem. We’re only a short drive from Watsonville, and our service specials may be able to get you great service for a steal.

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